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About The Crackerjack

I help heart centred entrepreneurs & mompreneurs make a difference in the world with their business in a meaningful and authentic way.

I’ve always had a talent and interest in introducing people I know to other people and often thought if I could figure out a way to get paid for that talent, I could probably make a living doing something that I was naturally good at and I really love.

Julia Gillmor CommunicationsThrough a serendipitous career journey as a ceramic designer, teacher, writer, blogger, newspaper editor and communications specialist for a tech startup, I acquired skills and expertise as a business strategist and Mastermind coach.

Through Mastermind coaching I help people create and accomplish their ultimate business goals. And I do it while making the process fun and joyful for everyone involved.

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, a mother and super connector I’ve worked with some of the worlds best business coaches and strategists. I have a knack for big picture thinking and helping people take action to reach their big vision.

What does this have to do with you?
I am passionate about bringing people together and nurturing ideas into life. As a businesswoman, I understand the importance of bottom lines, deadlines and efficient marketing tools and strategies. As a human being, few things that give me greater joy than being in service to others. I love helping clients who share this philosophy.

My business is to help you create and reach your goals, while creating positive impact on those around you.

I know that building a business in the new media paradigm can be intimidating and things change quickly so I also spend a lot of time connecting and masterminding with other entrepreneurs. It’s important for me to keep up on trends and tricks that allow my clients to stay out in front of their industries.

I believe in living a Good Life.

Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project

Living a Good Life means pursuing my passion as an entrepreneur but it also means making time to do the things I love most with the people I love most.

Working for yourself isn’t just about money and success, it’s about crafting a life that you actually, really love. This philosophy has in every way been validated and encouraged through the work I’ve done with my dear friend and mentor Jonathan Fields and the Good Life Project. One of the greatest joys I get is aligning my values with those of the people I serve.

I follow my passions and when I’m not hiking up a mountain I’m usually skiing down one. I’m a mother who is completely invested in spending time with family and people I love.  Fun is my core motivation and lifestyle comes in at the top of the list of priorities. When not at home we’re often exploring back roads in our 1974 propane injected Winnebago with our dog Hank.


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