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Accountability & the Crap Bucket Sessions

What’s that one thing you’re avoiding right now?

You know the one I’m talking about.

That thing that keeps you up at night (or wakes you up). That thing that’s been hanging out on your to do list for weeks or months yet there never seems to be enough time to get to it.

You know, that one thing you dread doing most and constantly say to yourself, Oh Shit! (Or some other 4 letter word) I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten around to that!

Honey, if this sounds like you, you need a Crap Bucket Session!

It all began in Mastermind.

One of our members had a to do list that gave me anxiety there was so much on it. In my own life I was effectively avoiding taxes and book keeping, another member of our Mastermind was going location independent and sorting through visas and legal mumbo jumbo and another had to rewrite all the copy on her website in order to launch new offerings.

We were meeting once every two weeks to champion and strategize with each other on business, but at one point realized there were some big ass frogs we needed to eat in order to clear our plates for the next phase of growth.

We discussed how we could best use our time, and came up with the “Crap Bucket Sessions.”

Crap Buckets are much like Masterminds in that you gather virtually at a specified time. But they differ in that you use the time to attack that thing on your list you’re most resisting or that is a top priority. We usually scheduled two hours, same as out Mastermind so we could really dig into the work.

Instead of talking about what we should do, we got down to what needed doing.

Everyone had their video on so we could look up from and see the others working madly away, wave at each other frantically, make sure no one was goofing off and then plunge back into the thick of it.

There were periodic check ins with the group where we’d find out how each of us were making out, a dance break, where we each blasted our own fav tune and danced madly about. And then it was back to biz.

The power of the Crap Bucket Session uses accountability of the group to bust through resistance.

Quite often if there is a major resistance to a specific task or job that needs doing, the energy required to feed that resistance leaches away at your joy and stoke for all the other work you have in front of you.

When you put that hard to do thing first and get it out of the way, the rest of the day feels so much easier. By reducing your resistance you reduce overwhelm and gain an inspiring sense of accomplishment which becomes a wave that carries you forward.

Scheduling time to attack that specific item and then having partners show up, erased almost all of the resistance to sitting down and doing the work.

At the end of each session, everyone admitted to feeling much less anxious and stressed about what we’d been working on.

We had fun, gave love and danced with each other, which erased the excruciating isolation and loneliness that comes when you have a major to do that needs to tackling.

In a nutshell, we got shit done.

I recently introduced this concept to my business Mastermind for heart centred entrepreneurs, all of whom are in various aspects of launch. Lists are long, resistance is high, distractions are many.

When I suggested the Crab Bucket, they loved it, and immediately created a Doodle poll to find the best times to meet. Instead of just meeting once every two weeks, they met daily for a week.

The result? Whaddya think?

Here is some of what they shared

The crap bucket doesn’t have to be about work, sometimes jumping in and saying I’m gonna clean windows sweep the floor and feed my child can also be as empowering and supportive. Look forward to seeing you at another #hourofpower!

We killed it today! In one hour I posted a workshop, fixed some web page issues and powered through the rough draft of my next blog post.

Yay teamwork and support and accountability!

We kicked arse and took names! I completed a sales email and am one click away from sending! Yay!

Totally fun, and would love to have any/all join us next time!

It’s so great to have a co-conspirator and someone who’ll ask “how’s it goin’?” Support + Accountability = Win!

Take Action

  • Find an accountability partner (or a Mastermind group)
  • Down load Zoom software or Skype
  • Create a Doodle poll if there’s more than one of you to select a time
  • Get that date in the calendar
  • Share what you’re going to work on (Make it the toughest thing on your list!)
  • Show up!
  • Dance.

And please share your win in the comments below!

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