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Authentically Yours

I took this photo standing in place where the sun, the mountains and the trees collide.

IMG_0234I’d just been smashed by a lightening bolt of creative thought (which explains the weirdly blissed out look on my face). On this kind of day, hiking above my home, mist rising off the forest floor, birds calling from the trees, I can hear the wind blowing and a creek is roaring down the canyon below me. For me this is the place where curiosity opens and creativity enters. Being in places like this unleashes for me, what has become the marketing catch term authenticity.

I talk a lot about authenticity with clients as the source of their brand voice but it’s something I’ve struggled with finding for myself.

I’ve gotta come clean. I’ve been lying to you.

A few weeks ago after being inspired by a conversation between the beautiful and late Scott Dinsmore and my dear friend Jonathan Fields (which you can read here) I was nearly knocked over by discovering my own authentic voice. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Truth is it’s been a struggle even for me, to build a genuine extension of who I am.

While I’ve been coaching others quite successfully, I’ve spent the last five years in a personal struggle with my own authenticity. Meaning: I’ve agonized over how to speak with a voice that is different and uniquely mine.

I’ve sweated over how I can add more value to clients that goes above and beyond their expectations. How I can show up without all the answers neatly dialed on my blog. And I’ve lost sleep over all of it. Entrepreneurship, when you’re thrashing with a problem, is an all consuming life sucking hole of despair. Fortunately it’s not always like that.

The question I continually ask myself is how can I do this better?

There’s a billion social media experts out there and quite frankly I’m not one of them.

Yup. You read that right.

I read the same articles that you read, that they write. And then I take those things and learn them and use them and repurpose them to create my own blog posts about many of the same topics. And to be honest, that’s not a way of working that I’m passionate about. At all. I’ve struggled with creating content of value that is uniquely my voice, my ideas expressed in my vision.

Here’s how you benefit from all my putzing around

I’m passionate about helping people tell stories that connect them with others who truly benefit from what is being offered.

I love finding magic in the communion between how you express yourself and how you are heard. And if that magic fosters an exchange of money then that’s amazing! Because it means both parties are getting exactly what they need to feel more alive, more connected and more valued. It’s not a one way street.

Being your authentic self and working your uniqueness into your business can create an effortless synergy between you and your perfect client or customer.

I originally created a brand for my business that was all formal sounding and businessy looking. But I ended up sounding like everyone else writing about the top 10 things you’ve got to do for such and such and the 3 best tips for something or other and 5 awesome ways to create this and that until I realized, it’s been done. And I don’t actually want to build my brand like that.

The result is, I’ve figured out a method to help others do the same!

The key to being able to express yourself authentically comes in knowing exactly who you’re trying to reach. We call that the ideal client avatar and without knowing who that is, you’re basically taking shots in the dark with your advertising and messaging, which can add up to a big waste of your time and money.

So from here on in I’m only telling the stories that resonate with me and the people I want to serve most (that’s you btw!). I’m going to leave the top 3 tips for getting Twitter followers to the top 3 Twitter specialists on the planet. I’m not one of them.

So if you’re stuck building a brand or find that growing you business is challenging right now I’d love to talk to you about it. I help people build brands that connect with the people they most want to serve. I do that through one on one strategic brainstorming calls, through a 5 week DIY marketing strategy course and I also do it for companies who want custom strategies that boost their visibility but don’t have the time or know how to do it for them selves.

If you fall under one of these categories by all means reach out! I’d love to help you.


  1. Ian McAdams says:

    Always like to the different ways people view things!!! Love the above…being true to yourself, and understanding how you as an individual or business communicates and is viewed by others is never easy!!! Always enjoy your insights!!!

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