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The Billionaire Business Advantage

What 7 Figure Entrepreneurs are Up To

As entrepreneurs and creatives we tend to dream big. But this life can be fraught with potholes of despair when we start comparing ourselves to the people who have “made it”, who are doing amazing things or who are doing the same thing we are but appear to doing it better. When we adopt this way of thinking we set ourselves up for a stunning downer of day. I call it the “Compare and Despair” mindset.

But there’s something you can do that gives you the same competitive advantage of billionaire entrepreneurs and it’s fairly simple. The secret? Always be learning.

In Get Smart, the new book by Brian Tracy, he shares what sets apart highly successful (we’re talking Billionaire) entrepreneurs in productivity and success. He says they have a mandate to always be learning. Tracy says that these people spend 10 hours per week learning new information and that is one of the key advantages to being so far ahead. They’re constantly learning more about their industry, products, services, softwares and tech that will advance their business goals and objectives.

surf - 600Their business goals and objectives are usually linked to personal goals and objectives like: create more income to create more time freedom for family and loved ones. Explore. Discover. In a nutshell, live happier more fulfilling lives. That’s why most of us are in the game.

If you’re like me, when I first heard this I thought, But I don’t have any extra time. I’m a mom and I run a business so my time is at a premium.

You can start learning 2hrs/day

I’m naturally curious, most entrepreneurs are. If you’ve ever had a conversation with me it sometimes feels like a very friendly interrogation. I love people and their stories. I’m thirsty to learn about what people are into, what makes them tick and how they’re wired. It fascinates me so the idea of learning is an appealing one.

Tracy also shared that email and social media makes you dumber. This was a tough one for me because I create social media strategies and spend a lot of time on Facebook. We get distracted checking our email and Facebook. The average person checks email 145 times/day and one of the most common urban accidents right now is from walking into telephone polls while checking your mobile device. There’s a whole youtube channel dedicated to videos of people doing this!

The point, is we have a limited mental capacity to learn each day and when we saturate ourselves in emails and social media it results in mental fatigue and the loss of up to 10 IQ points/day. YIKES!

The following are some things I already do to constantly be learning, but after listening to Brian Tracy I’m actively dedicating more time to them and being very strategic in what I’m learning about. I’m also putting a hold on checking my Facebook and emails.


Whatever industry you’re in I guarantee you there are experts out there dropping incredible knowledge bombs on weekly podcasts. Go to itunes, do keyword searches in Google, find some of the top experts in your industry and sign up for their podcasts and  listen to them. I’m a podcast junkie and right now it’s my number one form of learning because it’s so accessible.

Most smartphones have a podcast app so once you subscribe, the podcast will be delivered directly to your phone. Simple. Just tune in like you would the radio. Maybe you’re asking, “When do I possibly have time to listen to a podcast?”

  • smart phone - julia gillmorwhen you’re driving. Instead of music, turn on your phone and listen in (this is my favourite time because I can’t be interrupted)
  • when you go to the gym
  • when you’re walking the dog
  • when you’re running or exercising
  • when you’re sitting on the beach
  • when you’re making dinner

There’s a lot of time when you’re potentially engaged but could still be absorbing and learning new material. Podcasts are easily consumable because they’re highly portable.

If you want to experiment with podcasts and you’re wondering what’s good, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here are some of my absolute favourites.


There are so many incredible books being written by entrepreneurs on everything from self help to productivity to tips for building a business to investing. If you’re looking for authors or ideas for what you could be reading, join our online Facebook community the Strategy Crew where members and I post all kinds of information and tools. If you’re not reading, you’re missing out on so much incredible information.


You can also find out how a Mastermind can support you to reach your business and personal goals.

I know what you’re thinking: “When do I ever have time to read?”

No one said you had to read the book. Most books now come in audio format. Using an app like Audible through Amazon you can download a book, have it delivered to your phone so when you’re driving along, just like the podcast, you can dial it up and get learning.

And you get your first book free when you sign up for Audible. I’m loving my subscription.

Online Courses

There is no shortage of online courses you can sign up for, many of which are free. Everything from how to created targeted Facebook ads to how to start a business to how to write a blog to email marketing. You can take online courses in absolutely everything today. Some great ones with a small sign up fee include Udemy where you can take or teach online courses.  Lyndia.com has great free trainings or a monthly subscription for access to a mind boggling number of business, creative and technology skills. There’s also the free site OpenCulture that has books, movies, languages, maths, business courses, amazing stuff. For free!

So here’s the challenge, if you’re into it.

I challenge you to start learning 10 hours/ week. And if you take this challenge on, I’m interested in hearing how you’re learning and what you’re learning about. Come on over and share on our Strategy Crew Facebook community!

Want to share some your favourite sites and places to visit for information? I’m all ears!

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