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Small Group Masterminds

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A Mastermind for Strategies & Support

to Meet Your Goals & Grow your Business.


You’re an entrepreneur with a vision for your life and business.

You’re on a path of purpose and you’re passion driven.

But you’re not reaching the goals or making the money in your business you expected you would be by now.

You’d give your right arm to get un-stuck, figure out what’s going on with your biz, come up with new ideas, products, services, marketing strategies, figure out how to make more money and achieve goals to get you where you really want your business to be.

You know there are strategies and ideas you can’t figure out or don’t have the time to implement.

On the tough days, you question your competence and if you’re up for the challenge of creating a thriving business.

This Mastermind is for you if:

You have a business but aren’t reaching goals and making the money you thought you would by now.

You have a vision for your life and biz but struggle with what next steps you need to take to reach it.

You’re tired of paying for courses full of ideas that don’t significantly move you forward.

You feel the isolation and loneliness of working all on your own.

A Mastermind is like a jetpack for highly motivated people who seriously want to get shit done.

I started working with Julia with nothing but a burning idea “I need to create a personal brand and an online presence so the right people find me and I don’t have to work so hard to find leads for my business.”Julia supported me in the creation of my brand from the ground up and I now have a website, blog, social networks, a marketing plan for my business and a growing following. The task seemed so daunting that I had been procrastinating for well over a year, but with Julia’s guidance, we broke it down into steps and she patiently coached me through each phase. She is a blast to work with and I especially enjoyed her unwavering belief in me.A. Burton, Founder, Be Free

Joining this Mastermind sets you up for success in 2018 with a vision and a plan of action to begin working on immediately. No messing around or wasting time!

The group will hold you accountable to take the action on the goals you want to accomplish.

When you sit down in this Mastermind, you’ll get more in 2 hours than you do in a year of strategic meetings and planning.

The entire group is focused solely on your challenge and with that kind of CEO level brainpower directed at you, breakthroughs happen immediately.

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Accomplish everything on your to-do list.
Masterminds shift the overwhelm of to-dos, and give you a clear focus and path to accomplishing everything you set out to do.

Find your tribe.
A  small group of similarly positioned entrepreneurs who understand the challenges you face will become ardent fans and supporters. You’ll build lifelong friendships and trusted confidants.

Set goals that grow your business.
The kind of accountability you find in this Mastermind elevates the speed with which you can create change, growth and make money in your business.

Build your network.
You’ll be selectively matched with people we know will work well together. One of the greatest advantages of Masterminds is the sharing of resources and connections you’d otherwise never get access to.

The Business Mastermind for Heart Centred Entrepreneurs Includes

A one on one coaching call with Julia to clarify your vision, set your goals and create a plan for 2018.

12 Mastermind sessions (2/month for 6 months) with 4 – 6 action-oriented, entrepreneurs who share a common purpose to yours.

A private Facebook group for added support, accountability, and connection between Masterminds.

A private coaching session you can call in any time you need added support or a deep laser-focused strategy session.

Who the heck is Julia?
I’m a business strategy coach who has built my business around my life. I’m a mother, mountain woman and super-connector who has worked with some of the worlds best business coaches and strategists.

I have a knack for big-picture thinking and helping people take action to reach their big vision. I created an international ceramics design business, was managing editor of a newspaper, an assistant publisher of social media marketing agency and later, a marketing and communications expert for a tech startup.

I now run a successful business as a content marketing strategist and Mastermind coach. Through Mastermind coaching, I help people create and accomplish business and life goals. And I do it while making the process fun and joyful for everyone involved.

Julia meets her clients where they are at and creates an incredible learning environment. She totally ‘get’s’ you and has some wonderful tools to guide you in the direction you want to go. She asks great questions and keeps you focused on your goal. – Cate Baio, Woman’s Empowerment Coach

I was struggling to show up for myself every day, I wasn’t earning nearly enough in my business, client acquisition was down and most significantly, I was lonely and exhausted and trying to do it all on my own.

Masterminds changed everything for me. I was so motivated by the success I found in my Mastermind that I became a Mastermind coach as a way to add greater value to my clients and create significant impact for people who are changing the world.

The struggle of a mompreneur IS real. I felt heard and validated in this mastermind – Julia always contributed with invaluable advice that helped me get a fresh perspective on things, and help me get unstuck and gain MAJOR momentum. Hanna Horner, Wellness By Hanna & Screw Weight Loss 

Why You Should Mastermind with Me

You’ll gain insights from my experience. I’ll share what has and hasn’t worked in my business and other companies I’ve worked with.

Learn about new tools and softwares that will make marketing easier.

Tap into my network and the people I’m bringing together to support your success.

We’ll create your business around the life you want to live and not the other way around.

This Mastermind is not for you if:

  • You can’t commit to showing up every time we meet.
  • You don’t play well with others.
  • You’re looking for a one on one business coach relationship.
  • You believe free Masterminds are just as good.

Your next step

Some other nice things people have said about me.

When you invest your growth in the care of Julia’s leadership, you will be rewarded. Business development can be a tough road.  Julia makes that journey a delight. – Charles Gupton, Founder, Charles Gupton Productions & Creator’s Journey Podcast

Having Julia on your team is a real gift. I recommend her to anyone needing this kind of support. It makes me wonder why we tend to struggle along on our own, instead of getting the kind of help that Julia offers. – Shayla Wright, Coach, Founder, Wide Awake Heart

Julia is both a pleasure to work with and a wellspring of creative ideas. Her organizational skills helped keep our project moving forward according to the plan and timeline we had laid out together. – Richard Klein, Founder, Mountain Waters Retreats