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Join a Mastermind for Mompreneurs

and Find Strategies and the Support to Make Money in your Business.

You’ve got a vision, a path and you’re passion driven. You wake up every morning with a desire connect with people, serve your clients and create impact in the world.

But you’re not reaching the goals you expected you would by now. You’re not making the money you thought.  And you’re not creating the same impact you envisioned when you began this journey. Life isn’t progressing quite as you had planned.

You’d give your right arm to get un-stuck, figure out what’s  going on with your biz, come up with new ideas, products, services, marketing strategies, figure out how to make more money and achieve goals to get you where you really want your business to be.

You know there’s a better way. You know there are strategies and ideas you don’t have or don’t have the time to implement. You wrestle with completing goals on time or getting distracted from them entirely. There’s so much to do, and figuring out where your energy and time are best spent is tough. And then there’s the isolation you feel as an entrepreneur and the real challenge of waking up every day and hitting it out of the park, all on your own.

The frustration of never being where you want to be follows you around. On the tough days you question your competence, your ability to run your own show. You wonder whether you’re up for the challenge of creating a thriving business that is an authentic expression of who you are.

You’d give anything to wake up every day living the life you know you’re capable of creating for you and your family.

Julia’s mastermind was EXACTLY the kind of fuel I needed to keep going even though the going at times get tough… I have 4 kids and life is at times chaotic.

I felt HEARD and validated in this mastermind – the struggle of a mompreneur IS real. Julia always contributed with invaluable advice that helped me get a fresh perspective on things, and help me get unstuck and gain MAJOR momentum. – Hanna Horner – Founder Wellness By Hanna & Screw Weight Loss

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 The Mompreneur Mastermind helps you:

  • Get clear on your ideal client and how to connect with them for results
  • Build an engaged  network of followers and prospects
  • Develop a marketing strategy with specific goals for growth 
  • Expand your reach through social networks, email marketing and blogging
  • Effectively implement skills you already have
  • Tap into the your Mastermind cohorts for their expertise and knowledge

Masterminds will get you to think bigger, find solutions, set goals that stretch you, learn new techniques and tactics and grow your network, all while being guided by a talented Mastermind coach.

Join a tribe of curated mompreneurs who:

  • Can see where you’re stuck and help you move through it
  • Offer valuable feedback and ideas that help you reach your goals
  • Give you access to resources and networks that move you forward to success
  • Hold you accountable to yourself and help you take action
  • Have unique insight to the struggles of being a full time mom and businesswoman

Julia is an extremely delightful person. She knows how to engage and lead people into becoming their best selves. But she also knows how to make the process of developing – and taking action on – your business strategies enjoyable, because she draws people around her who are a joy to be with, too.

 When you invest your growth in the care of Julia’s leadership, you will be rewarded. Business development can be a tough road.  Julia makes that journey a delight. – Charles Gupton, Founder, Charles Gupton Productions & Creator’s Journey Podcast

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The Business Strategy Mastermind for Mompreneurs Includes:

  • A 60 minute one on one coaching call with Julia to clarify your vision for 2018 and create the goals that will get you there.
  • 12 two-hour Mastermind sessions with action oriented, entrepreneurs with a common purpose to yours.
  • A private Facebook group for added support and connection between Mastermind calls
  • An one hour Business Strategy coaching session

This Mastermind is for you if:

  • You have a business but struggle with the feeling of being stuck.
  • You’re want to figure out what’s holding you back from success.
  • You’re generous in nature and willing to share the benefits of your expertise with others.
  • You’re prepared to own and take action on what you learn in a Mastermind.
  • You’re ready to hack motherhood and entrepreneurship!

This Mastermind is like a jet pack for highly motivated moms who seriously want to get shit done.

You have a chance to start 2018 strong and accomplish goals that currently feel out of reach, but vital to success. Set yourself up for 2018 with a plan of action and the vital support you need to create success.

When you sit down in a Mastermind, you get more in 2 hours than you do in a year of strategic meetings and planning. The entire group is focused solely on your challenge and with that kind of CEO level brainpower directed at you, breakthroughs happen immediately.

This group will hold you accountable to follow through and take action on the the goals you set. You’ll start showing up for yourself in ways you never have before. You’ll feel the joy of possibility at your fingertips. You’ll have a community kick ass moms cheering you and supporting you in your success.

Accomplish everything on your todo list. Masterminds make shit happen. Instead of getting bogged in the overwhelm of todos, you’re going to get clear focus and a path that has you actually accomplishing everything you set out to do.

Find your tribe. You’ll sit down twice a month with a curated group of similarly positioned entrepreneurs who are also moms and understand the depth of challenges you face. You’ll be heard and seen and validated by a group of people invested in your success. You’ll build lifelong friendships and find trusted confidants.

Set goals that grow your business. The kind of accountability you find in a good Mastermind has an unparalleled effect in elevating the speed with which you can create change, grow your business and drive things forward at light speed.

Build your network. Through the application process you’ll be selectively matched with people I know will work well together. One of the great advantages of of Masterminds is the sharing of resources and connections you’d otherwise never get access to.

Who the heck is Julia?

I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur, a mother and super connector who has worked with some of the worlds best business coaches and strategists. I have a knack for big picture thinking and helping people take action to reach their big vision. I created an international ceramics design business for 10 years, was managing editor of a newspaper, an assistant publisher of social media marketing agency and later, a marketing and communications expert for a tech start up.

I now run a successful business as a brand and content marketing strategist and Mastermind coach. Through Mastermind coaching I help people create and accomplish business goals. And I do it while making the process fun and joyful for everyone involved.

Julia is both a pleasure to work with, and a wellspring of creative ideas. Her organizational skills helped keep our project moving forward according to the plan and timeline we had laid out together. – Richard Klein, Founder, Mountain Waters Retreats

My first experience with Masterminds was as a participant in Jonathan Fields Good Life Immersion program. I was struggling to show up for myself every day, I wasn’t earning nearly enough in my business, client acquisition was down and most significantly, I was lonely and exhausted and trying to do it all on my own.

The demands of being a mom and running a business were completely taking a toll on my business and my health. I had no idea how to turn things around and begin to feel like I was thriving instead of striving. 

Masterminds changed everything for me. I was so motivated by the success I found in my Mastermind that I became a Mastermind coach as a way to add greater value to my clients and create significant impact for people who are changing the world. But more than that I recognized the unique challenges we have as moms and the incredible gifts we have as women of business to offer the world. I wanted to be part of the success to support more women like me who were struggling.

Julia supported me in the creation of my brand from the ground up and I now have a website, blog, social networks, a marketing plan for my business and a growing following. The task seemed so daunting that I had been procrastinating for well over a year, but with Julia’s guidance, we broke it down into steps and she patiently coached me through each phase. She is a blast to work with and I especially enjoyed her unwavering belief in me. A. Burton, Founder, Be Free

  • Get insights and the benefits from my experience as a brand and marketing strategist
  • Learn how to create a business and lifestyle you want
  • Acquire tools and softwares that make marketing easy
  • Tap into my network and the people I’m bringing together to support your success

This Mastermind is not for you if:

You can’t commit to showing up every time we meet. The power of Masterminds relies on the trust and intention of the group. If you think this is something that might be fun, but your energy and attention is already at a premium, this may not be for you.

You don’t play well with others. Masterminds are all about the sharing and caring of the individuals that come together. Of course you’re coming for yourself, but be prepared to share and be present for the other people in the group.

You’re looking for a one on one business coach relationship. This is not that. While I lead every session and participate fully as a member of the mastermind with my own experience as a strategist and coach, it is the collective wisdom of the group that makes the difference and creates the shift you’re seeking.

You believe free Masterminds are just as good. While in rare cases free Masterminds can be excellent, the mentorship of a talented coach to keeps things and track. Plus a paid Mastermind means everyone that shows up is seriously invested and guarantees their participation so the Mastermind is successful and doesn’t slowly peter out from lack of commitment.

Having Julia on your team is a real gift. I recommend her to anyone needing this kind of support. It makes me wonder why we tend to struggle along on our own, instead of getting the kind of help that Julia offers. – Shayla Wright, Coach, Founder, Wide Awake Heart

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