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As Heart Centred Entrepreneurs we wake up every morning with a desire connect with people and serve. Fuelled by passion and vision we can create meaningful impact on the world around us, doing work we love and earning a living.

But building something from nothing can be brutally hard. I know.

I launched my business the same week I conceive my daughter, a massive undertaking that I in no way could have foreseen. I’m an optimist, a creative, a big strategy thinker and have plenty of grit and resiliency. I was up for the challenge.

About two and a half years into biz, I hit a colossal wall.

My business had been in continual growth for the first two years, but suddenly things started to flatline. I’d been so busy working in my business I wasn’t working on my business.

I needed to build momentum fast. My funnels had pretty much dried up. Struggle ensued.

I tried hard to find the creative spark and drive to push forward. I wanted to be creating something that wasn’t just good, but something that was great.

But I had no sounding board.

No feedback.  

No support.

Working alone as a creative team of one was hard. Every day I sat in my home office, isolated and lonely which only added to the challenges.

I have lots of friends with similar lifestyles, but none of them were entrepreneurs. No one understood my big vision of creating impact with the work I was doing.

alone-julia-gillmorI was constantly asking myself:

Is this good enough?

Am I good enough?

Is this the right direction to go?

How will I know if I get this right?

What if I’m wasting my time?

When will I ever get a break?

Have you ever felt isolated and alone in your business as a entrepreneur? Are you experiencing that “doing it all by myself” exhaustion…or desperation (or despair)?

Every time I opened my email or looked on social media, I saw people crushing it. How the fuck were they doing that? I wanted to know, so I started to investigate what was separating me from people who were achieving way more success in their business than I was.

Being part of something that’s bigger than you where you feel connected through shared values is a basic human need for survival. It’s also necessary for your business to thrive.

I felt so alone. I was suffering from burnout and very nearly depressed. I needed help

Enter my inaugural and life changing Mastermind.

My first Mastermind experience was a high level business and personal development coaching program. It was powerful. More powerful than than I ever imagined.

Having a Mastermind was like strapping a business jet pack to my back.

I discovered support. Real support. I had a Mastermind coach who championed me and Mastermind allies who believed in me.

I discovered the monetary impact of having other brilliant entrepreneurs in my corner holding me accountable.

The results were immediate.

mastermind-success-jjulia-gillmorIn the first six weeks:

  • I launched a brand new program from scratch.
  • I reworked my website copy.
  • I solidified new offerings.
  • I dropped things that weren’t working.
  • I developed new strategies to acquire clients.

I started to rock my business again!

One of the things we hardly ever talk about in entrepreneurship is the struggles, the dark days and unhealthiness of the lives we can create when we chose to follow our passion.

Even the most brilliant of the brilliant have people. No one does it alone.

My Mastermind allowed me to find those people and surround myself with them. Not only was I gaining traction in my business, but my Mastermind peers knew my strengths, they saw my skills and they had my back as an entrepreneur.

They were invested in my success as much as I was, and they confidently referred me to people in their networks that helped grow my business.

If you’re facing challenges in your business, feel like you’re alone and want a team of people around you to collaborate with, get honest feedback, accountability, inspiration and fresh ideas, then joining my customized Mastermind for Heart Centred Entrepreneurs might be the next best step for you.

Masterminds aren’t just scheduled meet up free-for-alls. They have a specific structure with a specific function, to make you more successful.

There’s deep power in having a group hold you accountable to your goals and vision and then help you achieve them.

As entrepreneurs we face massive challenges in growing and running a business.

In a Mastermind, you thrive.

I’ve created a Mastermind specifically for heart centred entrepreneurs looking for the support to drive business forward, make more money and find a community of allies to inspire and help you reach success.

I want to help you figure this out and see you thrive.