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A Strategy for Mompreneurs

Discover Strategies & Support to Make Money in Your Business While Being the Mom You Want to Be

Four years ago I launched my business the same week I conceived my daughter. While both events were highly anticipated and met with joy, they were never suppose to roll out the same week.

The next nine months were full hustle, but I couldn’t possibly have prepared for what was about to come.

Two years into my journey of motherhood I hit burnout.

untitled-design-2I was stressed.

Maxed out.

Beyond exhausted.

Honestly, I could barely get anything done. My productivity was low, my focus was blurred and I was scattered.

All I could think of was: I’m failing hard.

My strategy was: I need to work harder.

So. Not. True.

Being a new mother can be terribly isolating and lonely. It was time for a reality check.

Fact is, being a mom I simply didn’t have 18 hours a day to rock out my business. I didn’t even have 10 hours. I had a very tiny window each day to get shit done.

I had lots of friends with similar lifestyles who are moms, but none of them were entrepreneurs. No one understood my big vision of creating impact with the work I was doing.

Have you ever felt isolated and alone in your business as a mompreneur? Maybe you’ve experienced that “doing it all by myself” exhaustion, or desperation (or despair)?

I kept my head down and struggled with the frustration of working as a creative team of one. There was no one to offer critical feedback, alternative strategies or act as a sounding board for my ideas. I was working from my bedroom office, isolated and lonely, which only added to the list of challenges.

Like most mompreneurs I had more on my plate than I could possibly accomplish and I felt like a failure for not reaching the goals I set for myself. I needed help.

It’s amazing how the right opportunities and even the right support networks show up when we need them most.

Enter my inaugural, and life changing “Mastermind”.

My first Mastermind experience was a high level business and personal development coaching program. It was powerful. More powerful than than I ever imagined.

Having a Mastermind was like strapping a business jet pack to my back.

untitled-design-1I discovered support. Real support. A Mastermind coach who championed me and Mastermind allies who believed in me.

I discovered the monetary impact of having other brilliant entrepreneurs in my corner holding me accountable.

The results were immediate.

In the first six weeks:

  • I launched a brand new program from scratch.
  • I reworked my website copy.
  • I solidified new offerings.
  • I dropped things that weren’t working.
  • I developed new strategies to acquire clients.

I began to rock my business again!

Not only was I gaining traction in my business, but my Mastermind peers were my new allies. They knew my strengths, they saw my skills and they had my back as a mom and an entrepreneur.

They were invested in my success as much as I was and they confidently referred me to people in their networks that helped grow my business.

If you’re facing challenges in your business, feel like you’re alone and want a team of people around you to collaborate with, get honest feedback, accountability and strategies to make your business grow, then joining my customized Mastermind for Moms might be the next best step for you.

Masterminds aren’t just scheduled meet up free-for-alls. They have a specific structure with a specific function, to make you more successful.

There’s deep power in having a group hold you accountable to your goals and vision and then help you achieve them.

As entrepreneurs we face massive challenges but as Mompreneurs we have a unique set of challenges beyond growing and running a business.

In a Mastermind, you thrive.

I’ve created a Mastermind specifically for moms looking for the support and strategies needed to drive business forward, to make more money.  And it comes with a community of allies who will inspire you and help you reach your goals. 

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