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Preventing Burnout for Entrepreneurs & Mompreneurs

When my daughter was about a year old I hit a wall so hard that it nearly did me and my business in. This was when I figured out a productivity hack that makes my self care as important as my next client meeting, both of which get scheduled into my daily calendar.

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Good Habits, Bad Habits

How the smoothie revolution made eating healthy easy.
I'll be 48 in a month, which is a little long in the tooth to be running after a two and a half year old so my health and vitality are paramount both as an entrepreneur and as a mom.

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The Free App That Changes Everything.
There's this dudeI met who is THE MOST unlikely meditation teacher, ever. He said something that first day and other days about meditation helping you to separate the signal from the static. At first I didn’t know what he meant.

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Celebrating a Sleep Victory!

I'm a relatively recent inductee to the Insomniacs Club.

Up until about a year ago I slept easily 8 hours every night, no wake ups, no problem going back to sleep if I did wake up.

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