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Facebook Webinar - Julia Gillmor

Holiday Ads Made Easy!

Here’s a fact

Advertising on Facebook has grown 680% since 2010, that’s because the world (basically) hangs out there. In fact, More than a billion people use Facebook to connect with friends, family and things that matter to them.

So if you want to promote an event, offer a sale or build a list of followers and you’re not already advertising on Facebook, I suggest it’s time you do!

I’m offering a pre-holiday Facebook webinar

On December 10th I’m hosting an online webinar to show you the fastest and least expensive way to advertise on Facebook for maximum effect. No matter what your budget is or what kind of business you have you can learn to create ads that are simple and effective.

I’ll teach you how to create targeted ads and offers that attract people based on their age, interests, location and more.

Does this sound like you?

Running a business requires most of your attention and you probably don’t have time left over to figure out the idiosyncrasies of a new software. You also don’t have the budget to hire a marketing team to do it for you. Guess what? You don’t need one!

Whether you sell in person or online, Facebook makes it easy to reach the people who matter most to your business and to track the results of your advertising.

With Facebook you can drive sales by reaching people interested in your business right where they’re looking—on their phones, tablets and computers.

Advertising costs money and if you’re not hitting your target audience, it can be a big waste of money.

Facebook allows you to stand out and speak directly to your ideal customers. Whether you’re a local brick and mortar business or trying to reach the world, Facebook can connect to your target audience with a little know how and small amounts of time and effort. 

If you’re in the health and wellness world then now is a perfect time to be thinking about the post holiday marketing to gain new clients and support their health goals. 

Or if you’re looking to maximize sales during the high point of consumer season, Facebook ads work!

This webinar is 45 minutes and covers:

  • step by step introduction to create ads
  • how to set a budget (for as little as $5 you can advertise on facebook)
  • tips for targeting YOUR ideal customer

If you’re looking for a way to create impact for your business, then sign up right here!

If you’re just looking for some strategy advice we can do that to! Find out more here.