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Join a Mastermind

Harness the Power of Collective Wisdom for Your Business

You’d give your right arm to get un-stuck, figure out what’s wrong with your biz, come up with new ideas, products, services, marketing strategies, figure out how to make more money and achieve goals to get you where you really want your business to be.

  • You want to find the most effective ways to make more money in your biz
  • You need feedback, creative insights and fresh ideas
  • You struggle and fail with getting everything done on your todo list
  • You feel isolated because most people don’t understand what you do

Masterminds fix these problems, while creating big, positive changes for you and your business.

But these aren’t meet up free-for-alls. Masterminds have a specific structure with a specific function: to make you more successful. And quite frankly, no one does it alone.

Masterminds are jet packs for highly motivated people who want to get shit done.

The Mastermind is different from individual coaching as it relies on the collective wisdom and experience of everyone in the group. Masterminds will get you to think bigger, find solutions, set goals that stretch you, learn new techniques and tactics and grow your network, while being guided by a talented Mastermind coach.

Twice a month sit down virtually with a curated group of 4 – 6 similarly positioned entrepreneurs hosted by an experienced business strategist and coach. You’ll receive sound feedback and advice and offer others the benefit of your feedback as well.

Tap into a group of hand picked trusted advisors invested in your success and grow your network. Masterminds provide the opportunity to connect with the “right people”and resources as you network within this private group, while offering benefits of your own.

Beyond that, and most significantly, at the end of each Mastermind session you’ll set goals to reach by the next time you meet. This kind of accountability has an unparalleled effect in elevating the efficiency with which you can create change, build business and drive your business forward at light speed.

The questions is, now that you know about Masterminds, why would you waste time trying to figure it all out on your own?

Without a Mastermind you may still reach your goals and create success, but it will be with more difficulty and time than is necessary. You’ll wrestle with where to focus your energy and efforts to get results. You might even continue to stumble over where to start and what direction you should be following. You’ll miss out on creating key contacts and growing your network with a hand picked group of amazing people. And you’ll miss out on creating real friendships with people who are invested in seeing your success. What are you waiting for? You should probably just join a Mastermind!

Good news! We’re launching new Masterminds for January 2017. Get on the list to be notified when we open up the application process.

If you’re a heart centred entrepreneur looking for solid biz strategy with a group of highly motivated, kick ass people and want to be notified when we open up application you can get on the list here.

If you’re a mompreneur,  with the unique set of challenges that comes with running a business and children and you’re looking for support with accomplishing goals and growing your business, sign up here to get on the list.