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The Free App that Changes Everything

There’s this dude I met who is THE MOST unlikely meditation teacher ever. I met him through The Good Life Project (An initiative I took to change the way I do business and find a community of like minded people who were making impact on the world).

KC was on the GLP faculty and one of the most effervescent, raging extroverts I’ve ever laid eyes on. So when he invited me to sit with him in a meditation class I couldn’t imagine what it would be like.

unicorn julia gillmorIt simply didn’t seem at all congruous that a guy with a double type A personality with serious ants in his pants could possibly have much to teach about mediation. But I was wholeheartedly inspired by his passion and sincerity so I thought, What the heck!

His class was just as you’d imagine a meditation class to be; sitting still, legs crossed, eyes close, hands on your lap. Deep breathing in and out.

KC said something that first day and other days about meditation helping you to separate the signal from the static. At first I didn’t know what he meant. But when he talked about how every morning he wakes up with all the craziness going off in his body, the to do list in his head getting longer by the moment and feeling frantic on the inside, that was his reminder to stop drop and meditate. But it’s completely counterintuitive at these moments to stop doing and sit still.

It’s ridiculous to imagine you can actually get more shit done by sitting down, crossing your legs, straightening your back, breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth, and channeling light down from the heavens into your heart than you can by attacking your todo list and getting on with the day.

But the most amazing thing is it actually works!

With all the daily crazy in my body, mind and life (as an aside, I run a business, a 2 year old and an active family), not doing didn’t seem like an option. Until I tried it.

rocks - 600When I stand up from those meditations which I totally sucked at btw, the first thing I notice is the clarity. At first the effect was pretty subtle, but over time I’ve begun to notice significant shifts in how I show up and handle every day.

The list of things to do is still there but the gnarliness of needing to get going on all of them at once evaporates. I’m able to have a shower, get breakfast and get to work in an entirely different space and be productive in a way that I would normally struggle with.

As I continue on this meditation practice it not only helps me separate the signal from the static as I start my day, it actually feeds me during the day when I encounter difficulties or conflict or find myself doing battle with my inner critic. Now I have a gear to silence the voice, let go and really focus on things that make me feel alive and whole and excited to be living this life. I abandon running down a tunnel of negativity, fear, doubt and overwhelm and other things that ruin an otherwise perfectly awesome day.

And that’s why this shit works, really works.

I want you to know straight up that meditation isn’t easy and sitting still for long amounts of time can get down right boring, even the masters say so. But Ignoring a totally free tool like this is simply ridiculous.

Give it a shot. See if you can create a shift in your life or the struggles you face by dropping down for 20 or 30 minutes (even 10 minutes!) everyday and breathing. I’ll meet you there!

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