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My Therapist Told Me to Get Outside

I jokingly refer to Hank, my dog, as my therapist.

But like any joke, the part that makes it funny is the truth behind it. Hank’s a Blue Heeler, a breed that requires a lot of interaction and a lot of exercise.

I’ve always said the difference between a good dog and a bad dog is about 5 km a day. In Hank’s case it’s absolutely true.

But here’s the thing, it’s also true for me.

Whether you hike, go to the gym, do yoga, run, swim or out with friends for coffee, you need to be religious about your self care.

As entrepreneurs the isolation of working alone can become this insidious dissatisfaction that builds on itself where we isolate more and more and do less of the things that really matter light us up.

Self care is often the first thing that goes by the wayside.

In the beginning I can ignore my own dissatisfaction. I can work through that. I can ignore my own irritability and deal with it. And I can even ignore how I start to feel restless and a bit crawly in my own skin.

But Hank doesn’t ignore it. Hank is this amazing trigger for me. He pesters me in my office butting his nose against my leg over and over. He acts out becoming hyper annoying and needy. And that’s when I realize, “Hank, ya haven’t been for a walk in three days!

Neither have I.

When I lose sight of what I need, he’s there like a good therapist to bring what is important back into focus.

While work is important, it’s not everything. While family is a priority, it’s not everything.

You need to fill your well to perform at your best. Without that, you’re not doing any good for anyone… or very little good. Productivity drops, creativity dries up and motivation becomes something we look to coffee to fix (which, incidentally, it doesn’t!)

I fill my well by getting outside. It’s where I push my reset button on my mind and attitude. I can escape from the brain vortex and stories I like to tell myself (many of which aren’t true and aren’t all that great).

Hank and I have covered probably thousands of kilometres together. Sometimes we hike, sometimes we run, sometimes we mountain bike, sometimes we swim. Whatever it is, it’s outside, which for me is the place I’m able to feel most myself.

My question to you is, where do you go to fill your well?

Take action

Pick that activity that you love most or want to incorporate into a new healthy self care habit and schedule it into you day timer. Is it taking a yoga class? An art class? Is it getting out in nature on a regular basis.

Whatever it is, schedule right now! Don’t wait another second!

Now that you’ve got it in your calendar, treat it with the same importance that you treat every other item you have in there.

Need some help with that?
It helps to have an accountability partner in life and business, if you’re looking for  a community of people who will keep you focused on your goals and champion your wins (and make more money), Masterminds are the best place I’ve found. You can find more out about Masterminds right here.

Now chime in below and tell us what you’re adding to look after your self care.


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