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Richard Testimonial

My wife and I worked with Julia to spearhead the launch of on online communications strategy for our business. I am not a “techie”, and Julia took what felt complicated and made it simple, both in terms of the details and the big picture strategy. She is both a pleasure to work with, and a wellspring of creative ideas. Her organizational skills helped keep our project moving forward according to the plan and timeline we had laid out together. If you are looking for someone to help you navigate the complexities of the online marketing world, give her a call. I couldn’t recommend her services more highly. Richard Klein Owner Mountain Waters Retreats & Co-director of Redefine Your Health


Julia organically grew our Facebook from 125 friends to 1500 in less than 4 months!

Her friendly, sincere, and professional copy writing skills assisted our SEO to keep us in the top 3 Google listings for the majority of our entrance categories, after launching a new website and brand.

Julia’s marketing initiatives & strategies were responsible for media releases, newsletter, blogs and Twitter and Facebook content that helped increase our global sales, attract industry writers and press, and support the buoyancy of our overall online presence.

Julia is a team player, who brings enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and a passionate care for our company’s utmost success.
Kirkland Shave
General Manager, Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa


Before Julia got her hands on my copy I thought it was pretty good. I didn’t know how much better they could be. She has added clarity and impact to the message on my sales pages and my online presence.

Julia also helped me learn many software and applications and build my social network. I found her to be one of the best people I have worked with in these areas. She is an excellent and thorough coach and teacher, and very kind and patient. She also made herself available to me throughout our whole time together, so that i knew I could call her and get help if I was in a pinch.

Having Julia on your team is a real gift. I recommend her to anyone needing this kind of support. It makes me wonder why we tend to struggle along on our own, instead of getting the kind of help that Julia offers.

Shayla Wright
Owner, Coach, Wide Awake Heart


Julia is a smart and capable professional. She really knows her stuff and is a great instructor and guide.

Her creative instincts, strategic thinking and execution on projects was vital to the launch of our clients’ success as well as building our company’s brand and presence.

I’m a big fan!

Rik Logdenberg
Founder/CEO, Timely and The Seed Studio