The most precious commodity you have is TIME.

If you’re like most small business owners, you don’t have the extra time available to constantly churn out content that connects with your ideal customer and grows your brand and business.

Chances are, the best use of your time is not spent doing the marketing for your biz.

You need a Content Marketing Strategy, custom-designed, targeted to reach your ideal clients and and tailored to your specific business goals… all wrapped neatly in a package with a lovely bow!

I’ll take care of development and posting of all the content stuff so you don’t have to. You breathe easy, knowing it’s covered and get on with doing business, which ultimately, is what you love to do most. Or grab a yoga class, go to the beach or out to dinner. Whatever the case, this part that’s been driving you crazy is off your plate.

Maybe you’ve been trying to build an online presence for yourself. That’s commendable. It’s tough work. But if you have any of the following: facebook, twitter, newsletter or blog and you don’t have a strategy, you are, quite frankly, wasting your time.

And if you have none of the afore mentioned items, you’re missing out on the incredible potential of tapping a limitless audience of future customers or clients.

I’m a strategic, marketing mastermind offering content marketing and communication strategies for heart centred entreprpreneurs.

I’ve helped many businesses and entrepreneurs create strategies that raised their visibility, garnered the attention of press, cultivated a community of wellness seekers, and sold retreats.

If you have a business devoted to serving others, I’d love to work with you. But in order for me to work with you, you need to be my ideal client. I have to be absolutely certain that we’re a fit and that I can help you.

The basics requirements:

For us to work together, there are a few things you’re going to need to have in place. You need to have a website, social media accounts (or be willing to open a new one), and a clear product or service you want to promote. You’ll also need to be available for short bi-weekly meetings and be committed to the process of developing your brand messaging.

Here’s how it works:

1. Introductory Call. (Free)

You book a 15-minute call with me where we discuss your unique goals and challenges and decide if we are a good fit.

2. Concept Development Phase (Cost $3100)

For us to develop a communication campaign, from website copy to blog to your social media, we need to get clear. And this stuff is difficult. Before we can get started, we need to dive deep into understanding your ideal customer. Get to know what keeps them up at night, where they hang out, and the heart of what they desire and fear most in their lives.

This allows you to present content that will educate, enlighten and establish you as an expert in your field and finally drive them towards your product or service as the solution.

The Concept Development is top heavy with a fair amount of research. This is where we:

  • Uncover your ideal customer
  • Discover core topics that resonate with their unique desires
  • Develop key messaging for your Home Page, About Page and Work With Me Page that speaks directly to their pain points and the solutions you offer
  • We accomplish this in 3 weeks!

3. Develop Your Content Strategy (Cost $2400)

We will layout at minimum 3 month strategy that includes all the blog topics, newsletters, and social media posts that promote what you are to who you want to reach. We’ll create a juicy opt-in and pop-up for your newsletter that will capture new email addresses, create better conversions, and build a bigger community for you to connect with. We’ll craft snappy social bios that capture the attention of followers and targeted #hashtags that bump your visibility.

  • Establish blog and content topics for list generation
  • Develop #hashtags that will attract followers and attention
  • Create a newsletter opt-in & pop-up
  • Craft social media bios that are stunningly attractive
  • We accomplish this in 2 weeks

4. Basic Package ($550/month)

In the event that you don’t want to make all your own content, I can do it for you.

  • Strategy call where we tap into your knowledge and insight that I’ll use to create killer copy.
  • Monthly newsletter that goes out to your list on time
  • Blog post on your website that is aligned with your client’s deepest desires.
  • Create and schedule your social feed (also includes LinkedIn, Pinterest etc)
    • 5 Tweets with links and targeted #hashtags
    • 6 Facebook Post (image posts with links to blog post and other)
    • 6 Instagram Posts (images with messages and targeted #hashtags)

5. Advanced Package ($850/month)

We’ll meet once a month where I’ll interview you on our scheduled topics to extract your knowledge and then turn that into original copy that I write and edit, post and send out to your followers.

  • Strategy call
  • 2 monthly newsletters
  • 2 blog posts
  • Create and schedule social feed (also includes LinkedIn, Pinterest etc)
    • 10 Tweets with targeted #hashtags
    • 10 Facebook Posts (Blogs and image posts with links)
    • 10 Instagram Posts with targeted #hashtags

6. Valet Package ($1550/month)

  • 2 strategy calls
  • Weekly Newsletter (max 4)
  • Weekly Blog (max 4)
  • Create and schedule social feed (also includes LinkedIn, Pinterest etc)
    • 20 Tweets with targeted #hashtags
    • 16 Facebook Posts (blogs and image posts with links)
    • 16 Instagram Posts with targeted #hashtags


These are available as separate services or additions to the full package deal. Let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll create an estimate for you.

Elevator Pitch

Your perfect elevator pitch that has heads snap around and people lean forward to listen when someone asks you the inevitable question: “So, what do you do?”

Tag Line

Tagline suggestions and product name ideas. If they’re not quite up to snuff, we can dream up something better.

Website Copy

Looking for an infusion of energy and effective messaging for your Home page, About page or Work With Me/Services page? I’ll pen a powerful message that captures the essence of your brand and the attention of your ideal client.

Targeted Sales Copy

For landing pages where your selling an event, service or product and want the consumer to purchase, sign up or enroll. Words are everything. We’ll dazzle them with exactly what they are looking for.

Copy Editing

You write it, I’ll read it, and spit and polish it for you, including headline and subtitle and formatting suggestions.

Hot questions or want to book a free introductory call? Sign up right here and I’ll get back to you pronto!