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The DIY Content Marketing Strategy Kit

Are you struggling to connect with new clients or customers in a way that grows your business?

Nearly everyone is turning to online marketing to launch a new business or build their current one. We constantly read success stories of the solopreneur who turned an idea into a thriving business. When you hear these kind of stories you wonder: How the heck did they do that?

The answer is this – they do great content marketing. What does that even mean? It means expressing your company’s core values in a way that resonates with the deep values of the people you want to serve most.

We use a simple proven process to create meaningful content for your business, that achieves maximum interest and investment in what you do.

There’s not one single strategy that works for every business. But there is a formula for creating meaningful content you can apply to your business, product or organization.

I started working with Julia with nothing but a burning idea “I need to create a personal brand and an online presence so the right people find me and I don’t have to work so hard to find leads for my business.”  Julia supported me in the creation of my brand from the ground up; we broke it down into steps and she patiently coached me through each phase.  – Aimee Burton, Be:Free

Contact me if you want to:

  • develop an online presence that creates impact.
  • create effective marketing content that connects with your ideal customer.
  • build a following of loyal fans and convert them to customers.
  • serve humanity in an authentic and meaningful way.

…and you don’t have the time to sit around figuring out how to it all on your own.

I’ve been helping small businesses launch their new brand, product or service for the past 5 years. Over that time, I’ve gotten pretty in tune with the figuring out what folks need to make their brand shine.

I understand the kind of support that small businesses like yours requires because when I left my job at a small tech startup and launched my own business I used these exact same techniques. 

You can see what some people I’ve worked with have to say about their experience here.

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