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Cynthia’s Secret to Writing That Flows Easily Every Time

There’s so much fear around writing

As soon as we sit down inevitably we freeze up. Myself included. My dear friend, author, creativity and writing coach of the wildly popular Free-write Fling, Cynthia Morris, says there’s a secret to make writing flow easily. So I asked her to dish for you!

Here’s what she shared:

Cynthia Morris Author & Creativity CoachTry this to make your blog writing much, much easier. You may already know of a method called ‘free writing’. It’s a very simple way to write where you set your fingers to the keyboard (or paper) and go. Use these guidelines to try free writing:

  • Choose your topic.
  • Set a timer for 15 minutes (the timer really helps, trust me!).
  • Go. Write on your topic without worrying about it being any good or even coherent.
  • At the end of the 15 minutes, set the writing aside and do something else.
  • Print it up the next day or hours later.
  • Make notes about what you want to keep and what you want to dump.

Go back to the keyboard and keep tweaking until you have a post you can live with. (You may not love it and your critic may be on the scene telling you how bad it is, but keep going!)

Extra Tips

Don’t worry about being a ‘writer’.

Be free to draft your posts before you put them into the blogging software. This helps me to feel less pressure from my perceived audience. You can use FileMaker, TextEdit, Notebook, Pages, or any other word processing software. Be aware that Word adds a bunch of invisible formatting that can cause problems later.

Be yourself and the writing will be 100% easier and more enjoyable. Be brave enough to share your real self with your readers. I don’t mean details, but more the essence of how you are with your readers. More about this later in the homework.

Make your posts as long or as short as you want but make sure every word deserves its space and that the entire post is compelling.

Here’s a handy checklist for your blog posts. Test your posts against this list each time and you’re guaranteed to have better blog writing in no time!

Blog Post Checklist

  • typewriterVoice: Is the voice of the writing authentically me? How does it sound when I read it aloud?
  • Length: Have I droned on and on or been succinct? Where have I repeated myself?
  • Content: Is it interesting to anyone other than me? How do I know?
  • Value: What is the reader likely to take away from this post? (inspiration, information, instruction…)
  • Images: Are they as powerful as the writing? Relevant to the writing? Contributing to the post?
  • Links: Are the links live and relevant to the post?
  • Typos, misspellings: Have I double-checked to see there are none?


Go over a previous blog post and read aloud to see how your voice comes across, if your content is compelling, and if there are any errors.

Here’s a fun challenge and one that works miracles to help you access your authentic voice.

Choose a topic you are ready to blog about.

From the list below, choose three different people.

Write the post three times, each time with a different reader in mind.

Post the entry the most closely expresses your voice on your blog before continuing to the next lesson.

Notice how your voice changes according to the reader you are thinking about.

  • mother
  • museum curator/art critic
  • fellow artist
  • absolute best friend
  • student
  • your ideal reader/buyer

Did you try this exercise? Let me know I’d love to hear how it went!

If you’re tried of struggling to write or never getting to your writings and if you really want to have writing as part of your daily practice Cynthia can help. Check out her Free-write Fling that brings on April 1st.  I’ll see you there!

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